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Who backs the D-Backs? Arizona does, all summer long. And before you start sweating in your seat thinking about how hot it must be watching baseball in the Sonoran summer heat, rest assured that Chase Field has you covered. Quite literally. Like their football stadium, the ballpark is covered by a retractable roof. This is the best of both worlds. When it’s too hot to function, the roof will remain closed and the air conditioning will kick in. Then, on those perfect temperature days, the roof will roll back to reveal the crystal blue sky.

Regardless of if you’re in the area for the D-Backs or there for spring training, you can’t go wrong with Arizona baseball.

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Best Place to Take A Selfie– Center field offers a phenomenal view of the field, the sky (if the roof is open!), and the Diamondback’s well-known “A.” To get the best photo, head to what’s known as Home Run Porch (also see Best Place to Sit.) This is on the main concourse level.

Also look for other photo ops around the park, like the D-Backs painted Mickey near the main entrance, and the celebration shower photo near Section 104.

Food at the Stadium- Chase Field has pretty impressive food options. However, the one food item you must try is the Churro Dog. This is a D-Backs speciality and is just as crazy as you may think. This is a donut bun with a churro dog, topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate and caramel sauces. You can find this confectionery concoction at Section 114, 123, and 315.

Other enticing food options are Wetzel’s Pretzels at Section 120, and 321, Tot Hot Dog from Big Dawgz at Section 126, and Sonoran Barbacoa Nachos from A-Zona Street Tacos at Section 208.

First Timers- For first timers, pick up a first time certificates at Section 128 and 322.

Best Place to Sit- On the main concourse, in center field, is the Home Run Porch. As mentioned above, these seats have some of the best views of the ballpark. Additionally, there is an added bonus to sitting in this section. Included with these seats are ballpark snacks and drinks, an in-seat waiter, and a private TV.

The Mascot- Baxter the bobcat roams around the ballpark throughout the game, but can be found at his Den during the 4th inning, on the upper level near Raising Cane’s Sandlot. “There, Baxter signs autographs and poses for pictures with all of his adoring fans. When you’re finished, you can go play on the slides, practice your baseball skills on Futures Field, or take batting practice in the batting cages all located right outside of Baxter’s Den.”- Diamondbacks website

Best Place to Pregame- Unique to Chase Field is Game 7 Grill. This American-style restaurant sits just outside the main entrance of the park on the Gila River Casino Plaza. The grill is open three hours prior to first pitch, and closes 1.5 hours after the final out. Something to note- the venue is run by the Diamondbacks, so it is only open during special events, like games. Because of this, their menu only has a few basic options. 

You Should Know-

  • Unlike other sporting venues, you are allowed to re-enter the ballpark at Gates A, F, J, and K. According to the stadium, fans who want to leave the ballpark will either be scanned out and then scanned back in, via their ticket. Or, they will be given a “re-entry” card, which is then turned in once inside the stadium gates. A lot of fans will use this opportunity to smoke in a designated area, whereas other stadiums may have designated smoking areas on the premises. 
  • The players lineups are listed near the front entrance of the main team store.
  • Effective February 2020- Chase Field will enforce the Clear Bag Policy.
  • In 2018, the Diamondback’s celebrated their 20th anniversary as a team. To commemorate and revisit the team’s history, head to center field behind the Coors Lite Strike Zone, for a mini-museum. Included in this “area” are the 2001 World Series trophy, other trophies (like Golden Gloves and Silver Sluggers) and a signed ball from almost all D-Back players. 

What’d I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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