2021 Update: 30 (Be)for 30

We’re one year closer to my 30th birthday! Here’s what I was able to cross off my bucket list (even in a pandemic!)

2020 Gift Guide

Revealing my 20 favorite gift ideas for sports and travel fans in 2020.


6 Hair Scarf Hairstyles

Not interested in wearing a hat? Dress up a jersey or sweatshirt with a hair scarf!

10 Baseball Hat Hairstyles

Looking for a way to spice up your ballpark look? Or, perhaps you’re running late and need a cute look. Check out these ten baseball hat hairstyles!


Dangeruss Dog// Inspired by the Seattle Seahawks

In 2014, I got a taste of my first Seahawks & NFL game. Naturally, it rained the majority of the time, but I chalked that up to the true CenturyLink experience. Luckily, I was able to stay warm but drinking lots of hot chocolate and devouring a Dangeruss Dog. As the name suggests, this creation…


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