2020 Gift Guide

It goes without saying, but 2020 has been a bizarre year. So, while hats and jersey still make a perfect gift, here are a few of my favorite things. These are both unique and functional in a time of quarantine, working from home, and watching games from the comfort of our own couches.

To wear

1. Face masks- Let’s get this one out of the way first! At this point, masks are here to stay, so why not add favorite sports teams into the rotation?

*Support small business by buying one-of-a-kind masks from places like Etsy.

2. Slippers- Nestle in to a winter at home with cozy slippers. Need I say more? (FOCO $25)


3. Baseballism backpack- Most MLB stadiums have not incorporated the clear bag policy, which makes this backpack perfect for baseball games during a typical year. Additionally, this is my go-to travel bag when exploring a new city. This genuine leather backpack is sure to last until we are allowed back in to stadiums…and far beyond that! (Baseballism $215)


4. Clear bag- Now, if a stadium does observe the clear bag policy, there are some great options that are functional for both stadiums and every day use. Plus, this UNITY Collab bag donates to charity. (UNITY Collab $30)

UNITY Collaboration

5. Custom sports spirit jersey- Stand out in a unique (and über comfortable) spirit jersey, while also supporting small business. This is perfect for game day at the field or lounging on the couch. (FanFam USA $30)

FanFam USA

6. Reversible Hoodez- Curl up on the couch inside this luxurious reversible blanket/hoodie. Enough said. (FOCO $55)


7. Pajamas- Few things scream family holidays like matching pjs. So, why not make them sports themed and wear them all (insert sport) season long? (FOCO $50)


To use at home

8. Bose headphones- These are my go-to travel headphones. They are comfortable, noise canceling, and the battery lasts forever. While I originally bought them for noisy airplanes, they have also proved to be perfect for working at home and being on calls all day. These are available for monthly payments with Bose Pay. (Bose ~$150-$350)


9. Grill set- Help someone tune up their cooking/grilling skills with a personalized grill set. (Baseball BBQ)

Baseball BBQ

10. Sports subscription- Instead of looking into tickets for a game or even season tickets, check out a TV sports subscription to get every game all season long.

11. Door mat Make home feel more like home plate with customizable door mats. (Wood by Stu $22+)

Wood by Stu

12. Perfect Putting Mat- Even if they don’t golf, this putting mat will keep anyone entertained—especially when cooped up at home. (Perfect Putting Mat)

Perfect Practice Golf

Office art

Add a little team spirit to the home office with these sports themed artists.

13. Art of words- If you look closely, this artist hand draws each picture, using words to make the overall photo. (Art of Words)

Art of Words

14. Minimal art- This artist is known for his minimalistic field and mascot designs. You may also know him for the IG account Ballpark Princess Art. (S. Preston Designs $20)

S. Preston Designs

15. Stadium scratch off prints- Keep track of sports wanderlust with these scratch off prints, which come in MLB parks, NHL arenas, NFL stadiums, and NBA arenas. (Pop Chart, $25 or $85 for set)

Pop Chart

16. Personalized sports portraits- Combine the two best things— your favorite team and your family— to make a special portrait to display at home. (Princess and Her Frog $12+)

Princess and Her Frog

For collectors

17. Funko POP! –  I don’t actually own any of these, but the collector in me is debating it. From speaking with friends, I know how loved and sought after they are. Why not add to the addiction by gifting a new addition? (Funko $11)

* Did you know Everett, WA is the HQ for Funko? They’ve even named the MiLB park after it. Check it out!


18. Stickers- An easy and fun gift to sprinkle a little holiday spirit all over the place. (Stark and Stanley $3+)

Stark and Stanley

19. Ticket stub diary or passport book- These keepsakes help to capture memories for years to come. (Uncommon Goods $14/Fanatics $63-90)

20. Puzzle or legos- Get the team together to do a team puzzle or lego set. (FOCO $80)


Regardless of what is physically gifted, I wish all the health, happiness, and love to you and yours this holiday season.

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