Everett Aquasox; Putting the fun in Funko Field

Visiting the Mariner’s Class A, short-season team

In an unusual case, the Seattle Mariners are located almost exactly in between two of their minor league teams. Thirty-five miles to the south is their Triple-A team, the Tacoma Rainiers. Thirty miles to the north is their short-season Class A team, the Everett AquaSox. The sox, who might be at the lower end of the totem pole, sure know how to entertain fans. Take a look.

  • Team: Everett AquaSox
  • Location: Everett, WA
  • League: Northwest League
  • Field: Funko Field
  • Gates: 90 mins prior for season ticket holders/ 60 min for all other fans.

Best place to take a selfie- Thanks to the namesake of the field, there are two places that stuck out to me. First, is the Funko-inspired frog backdrop. This silly looking frog sits just behind home plate on the concourse. The second is a giant Funko baseball player, who patiently stands in the right field general admission grass area.

What’s the deal with the Funko fascination? Read the “you should know” toward the bottom.

Food at the stadium- With this being a short-season MiLB field, the food options are quite basic. However, there is one tent that adds a little flavor to ballpark favorites. For example, they serve fries and tater tots, but  I enjoyed loaded tots. On another occasion, I heard they had a line 20+ minutes long for wings. The nameless tent is stationed near the grass of the kids play area.

The mascot- What is an aquasox? Aquasock? If you’re like me, then you might be a little confused by the name. But, I am here to inform you that the well loved mascot, Webbly, is a frog! He is easily recognizable because of his orange webbed feet. 

Webbly also has two friends who roam the park with him. They are Frank the hot dog and Pop Fly. While the other two wander through the park more aimlessly, Webbly is known for making more appearances in the group sections and on the field. 

Getting to the field- The field is just off the main highway, Interstate 5. There are two parking lots and entrances to the field. The North and South lots are both free for fans to park in. However it is subject to availability.  

You should know- There are three things I found interesting about this experience. First being the field name. The company Funko, which produces pop culture figurines and continues to grow in popularity, is headquartered in Everett. You can visit HQ and not only see many more of their larger-than-life creations, but also make your own Funko figure.

Photo by GeekWire

Second, there is a large grass area that sits near the concourse for kids to play. For $1, kids can also enjoy blow up toys like a bounce house and inflatable slide. 

Finally, in 2019 the team had a firework show every Saturday night! This may vary depending on the year, but I know how popular firework shows can be. 

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

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