State Farm Stadium

Home of the Arizona Cardinals

Established over 120 years ago, the Cardinals are the oldest running professional football team. Although they got their start in Chicago the “big red” now resides in Glendale, Arizona. Since 2002 the Cardinals are the southernmost team in the NFC West.

Here is what you should know before you head to a game.

Best place to take a selfie- When entering gate 2, there is a wall featuring the Cardinals Hall of Famers. This makes for a unique space to snap a photo. 

My other recommendation is at your seat once inside the field. The enclosed arena makes for decent lighting no matter where you are. 

Food at the stadium- Two food options immediately stuck out to me. First are cinnamon roasted nuts, which has a tantalizing smell sure to hit your nostrils as soon as you walk in the gates. This simple, yet sweet snack can be found at sections 108, 114, 125, 133, and 427. 

Second is one called pizza box nachos. This generous pile of chips, queso, and extras was recommended on numerous occasions. You can find these nachos in the end zone on the Main Level between sections 201 and 248. 

Getting to the field- State Farm is located just over 15 miles away from downtown Phoenix in Glendale. The area is fairly quiet and open, so you will have to take a car in some shape or form to the field. However, the vast space allows for ample parking.

Best place to pre-game- Because of the plethora of parking lots, State Farm Stadium is the perfect place for a tailgate. Tailgating is allowed four hours prior to kick off in the Sportman’s Park carpark. Most lots are easily walkable to the stadium. So, whether you are driving yourself or catching a ride, get to the area early for some pre-game comradery. As long as you bring some food and friends, Arizona will (typically) provide the sun and good times.

Best place to sit- I’ll let you in on a little secret. Sections 138-144 on the main level is where it’s at! Why? To start, you’re on the main level in the endzone. Second, you have access to food options no one else in the stadium can get to. Third, there are private bathrooms, which may only be used by the fans in those sections.

The mascot- Before making their way to Arizona, the Cardinals made a pitstop in St. Louis. This, of course, is also home to the MLB team the St. Louis Cardinals. To help with confusion, the football team was often referred to as the “big red,” which just so happens to be this big bird’s name. Like most NFL mascots, Big Red likes to stay on the sidelines. Based on previous experiences, I would seek out Big Red before the game for photo opportunities. 

You should know- 

  1. The stadium has a retractable roof, which is perfect for controlling the conditions. Whether it’s too hot or too cold…yes too cold, you can expect to find enjoyable temperatures inside the stadium.
  2. Additionally, guest services offer child locator wristbands. These wristbands allow parents to write their ticket and contact information on them, in the event that the child gets separated from the family.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

Stadium Snapshot

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