Rogers Centre

Home of the Toronto Blue Jays

*All opinions are my own.

Rogers Centre is home to the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays are currently the only Major League Baseball team in Canada, making it Canada’s team. Something that is well reiterated in Seattle, but that’s a story for another time. The stadium sits in downtown Toronto in the Entertainment District, which is just a few minutes walk from both Scotiabank Arena and the harbor and a few feet away from the CN Tower. 

Where We Sat– When visiting, the season was coming to a close and the team wasn’t doing well. This made the tickets quite inexpensive. We sat in the 500 level, which gave us an incredible view of the field and the hotel in the outfield (see You Should Know section). Much like other cooler weather cities, Rogers Centre has a retractable roof. Lucky for us, the weather was fair enough to keep the roof open. Straight ahead was the field and in our peripherals, the CN tower. If you want a similar view, sit closer to the third baseline side

Best Place to Take a Selfie: According to an employee, the best place to take a selfie is in the 500 level, all the way at the top, so you can get a picture of the whole field. Similarly to the aforementioned seats, however, I might suggest moving to the third base side to ensure the famous landmark makes an appearance.

What We Ate: The unanimous suggestion from employees I spoke with is one of the hot dogs from Four One Six. These locally inspired hot dogs are anything but your average frank. Although it was warm enough for the roof to be open, it was still a bit chilly. This made the choice of a chilli-cheese-inspired dog an easy one. Find Four One Six at Section 511.

Other recommendations include, totchos (nachos with tater tots)one of a few varieties from Four One Six, fried mac & cheese, and whatever the Pop Up Kitchen is serving (Section 208.)

Getting to the Field: With a location that is in the middle of the city, there are several modes of transportation. Personally, our hotel was within walking distance. In my personal opinion, Toronto is a very walkable city (and I felt safe doing so with a group of people.) I stayed in an area known as Church and Wellesley (a.k.a. the village,) which is about a 15 minute walk from the stadium. However, there are other options including street cars, the subway, and a train which will bring you in from further out. Of course, there is also parking.

First Timers: As always, stop by Guest Services for your first time certificates. You can find these on the 100-level at Sections 120 and 135, the 200-level at Sections at 212 and 236, and on the 500-level at Sections 508 and 532.

Where to Pregame: According to a local Torontonian, the best places to grab a drink before a game are;

  • Steam Wistle Biergarten- 2 min. walk
  • The Loose Moose- 9 min. walk
  • Real Sports Bar- 10 min. walk

If you are looking for good food and/ or a cool atmosphere try;

  • The Rec Room- 2 min walk
  • Hunter’s Landing- 8 min. walk
  • La Carnita- 8 min. walk

You Should Know: Yes! Rogers Centre is the stadium that has a hotel attached. The Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel is the only hotel located inside a North American stadium. The field is both viewable from field view rooms and the lobby.

Also, U.S. Currency is accepted at the team store, all official merchandise stands, and at all concession stands. According to the Blue Jays’ official website, “currency conversion will only be from a result of a sales transaction.”

What’d I miss? Let me know in the comments!

Stadium Snapshot

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