Miss Washington Wednesday: The Big Apple Homecoming

The big apple, the concrete jungle, the city that never sleeps, the empire state…New.York! This last weekend I was able to explore yet another city I had yet to visit. However, my weekend in New York was for a very special occasion. Just a little over a month ago, we crowned the new Miss America.Continue reading “Miss Washington Wednesday: The Big Apple Homecoming”

Miss Washington Wednesday: The China Trip

Ne Hao! Last night I returned from my first trip overseas and one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life. Please enjoy as I recount my favorite adventures in Shantou, China. Appearances: My favorite appearance of the week was our trip to Shantou Welfare Community Center. Here, the government houses and cares for eldersContinue reading “Miss Washington Wednesday: The China Trip”

Miss Washington Wednesday: The Show

53 phenomenal women. Two weeks. one crown. immeasurable memories. Miss America 2015 was one of the most, if not the most, incredible experiences I have ever been able to take part in. I have absolutely no regrets coming away from it. I left it all out and tried my best. The fact that I wasContinue reading “Miss Washington Wednesday: The Show”

Miss Washington Wednesday: The Process

Here we are yet again my friends! Welcome and happy Wednesday! I called this weeks blog the process because of the many weeks of preparation it  truly takes to make sure everything is close to perfect before I leave for Miss America. I found myself wondering today if I have really utilized my time asContinue reading “Miss Washington Wednesday: The Process”

Miss Washington Wednesday: The Realization

Welcome back for week two of Miss Washington Wednesdays! I can’t believe one week has already flown by, but I think “Miss Washington- Kailee Dunn,” is finally starting to settle. Remember Brotherton Cadillac, Miss Washington’s premier sponsor, also posts a Miss Washington Wednesday update, so check them out on Facebook and Twitter!  So, let’s see. SinceContinue reading “Miss Washington Wednesday: The Realization”

Miss WASHINGTON Wednesday: The first 48

Hello! So, first things first. It has technically been more than 48 hours since the moment my life changed forever, but because I was planning on writing this on Monday the title stuck. However, I will now try to post here weekly in correlation with our premier sponsor Brotherton Cadillac’s “Miss Washington Wednesday” post. PleaseContinue reading “Miss WASHINGTON Wednesday: The first 48”

Miss Spokane Monday: “The” week

Eeek! State week has come and I couldn’t be more thrilled for this opportunity and to spend the week with some incredible women! Yesterday, June 29 was the official kick-off to the week! Every girl arrived in style and was able to show off cute ensembles in a fashion show at the arrival ceremony. IContinue reading “Miss Spokane Monday: “The” week”

Miss Spokane Monday: The Outstanding Teens

Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen 2014 is…Tayler Plunkett! What a wonderful weekend! I am so proud of each of the 28 young ladies. In my opinion, they all excelled and shined on stage. However, only one could be crowned and in the end I am so excited for Tayler and know she will represent the stateContinue reading “Miss Spokane Monday: The Outstanding Teens”