Miss WASHINGTON Wednesday: The first 48

Hello! So, first things first. It has technically been more than 48 hours since the moment my life changed forever, but because I was planning on writing this on Monday the title stuck. However, I will now try to post here weekly in correlation with our premier sponsor Brotherton Cadillac’s “Miss Washington Wednesday” post. Please like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for those weekly posts and so much more!


Because I have yet to hold this title for a week, I’ve decided to quickly update everyone on what Peggy (Miss Washington Executive Director) and I have been doing since “the moment.”

We first look back at the night when my dreams came true.

Although anxious to hear the results, I felt calm and at peace with whatever was to come. I had given my best and if it wasn’t enough then I knew it wasn’t my year.


The week had flown by so fast and I didn’t want this moment to pass before I knew what had happened. I took a breath and listened as they began to call the names of the fourth, third and second runner up.

And then there were two. Catherine and I exchanged a few sincere thoughts while holding each others’ hands and then we took a deep breath and waited..,and waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Then they didn’t call my name and all emotions broke lose. I can’t tell you what happened next because I was suddenly on cloud 9 and at a loss of breath. Sidenote: If you watch the crowning video, you can see that I literally take a moment and breathe.


From that moment on, it was time to get down to work.


On Sunday, I had breakfast with the Miss Washington board, where we began Miss America paperwork. I moved into my temporary home (aka Miler’s home plate). I had my first phone interview with KREM2 in Spokane and later had an interview with The Atlantic City Press.

I chose my MA by Catlina swimsuit, filled out a questionnaire for Mr. Tony Bowls to begin designing my evening gown and chose my Joseph Ribkoff opening number ensemble.

On Monday, I met with the folks at Blackglama where I got to pick out the most incredible mink coat to keep me warm through the Washington winters.

Following, I met with Brad at Brotherton to get my temporary car, a Buick Encore.

Tuesday mainly consisted of more paperwork.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.34.17 PM

And finally today, I met with the fine folks of Mario’s in Seattle to pick out an outfit which I will wear during my Brotherton Cadillac photoshoot.

MAC was the next stop, to have my make-up done for my official head shots.

Which leads to the final stop of the night with Bill Higdon of Select Photography.

We took tons of photos and from the previews I saw, they looked incredible! I can’t wait to see them and I hope you stay tuned to see them as well.


I have had an incredible first few days and I look forward to the rest. I would just like to say how incredibly fortunate I feel to be representing such an awesome state and organization. I sincerely mean that any of my 19 sister competitors very well could have done the job and I am so proud to also represent them and our class of 2014.

Until next time,

Miss Washington 2014, Kailee Dunn

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