Green (Cookie) Monster Milkshake

Inspired by the huge milkshakes found at Yankee Stadium, I created my own monster of a milkshake…a green monster milkshake!


◈ Chocolate frosting

◈ Mint chocolate chip ice cream

◈ Milk

◈ Cookies of choice (ex. Oreos, chocolate chip)

◈ Whipped cream

◈ Green sprinkles

◈ White chocolate (optional)

◈ Red frosting (optional)

◈ Green food coloring (optional)

Preparing the cup:

1. Begin by dipping Oreos in white chocolate and adding red frosting as the stitches. Set aside to cool.

2. Add chocolate frosting to the rim of the cup.

3. Crumble up Oreos and chocolate chip cookies in a plastic bag.

4. Spread out the cookie crumbs and add to the chocolate frosted rim. Set aside.

Making the milkshake:

5. Then, blend together 1 cup of milk and 5-6 large schools of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

6. (optional) Add green food coloring to make the green really pop.

7. Stir in the extra cookie crumbs for an added crunch.

8. Pour into cookie-rimmed cup and top with whipped cream, chilled Oreo baseballs, and green sprinkles.

9. Enjoy!

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