A ‘Glee’-ful visitor speaks at Eastern

Lauren Potter may seem different, but she is just another 23-year-old with dreams and aspirations, which came true when she received the call of a lifetime four years ago. Potter, who has Down syndrome, plays sprightly and vivacious Becky Johnson from the TV show “Glee.” Eagle Entertainment hosted Potter to speak to students about bullyingContinue reading “A ‘Glee’-ful visitor speaks at Eastern”

Interview with Stacy Nadeau

Stacy was one of the few hand selected women to star in Dove’s “Real Women Campaign.” Before working with Dove, was body image or bullies something that you dealt with? SN: Luckily, Bullying is never something I had to deal with on a large scale. I grew up a pretty confident young woman but absolutely hadContinue reading “Interview with Stacy Nadeau”