Throwing a Masters themed party

My husband turned 30 in October, and I really wanted to throw him a surprise party- which is also on my 30 before 30 list. I already had the idea of throwing him a golf themed party, and then the 2020 Masters was moved from April to November; two weeks after his birthday. The timing was essentially perfect, and the wheels were set in motion. However, COVID hit hard and we decided to reconsider.

Flash forward to this weekend, Masters weekend 2021. A few of our close friends and family helped me pull off the ultimate surprise that no one would expect; a 30 and a HALF par-tee! Here’s a look at the day.


There was something for everyone with all dietary restrictions. 

Pimento cheese sandwiches; One of the official sandwiches of the Masters. I found & used this great recipe from Intentional Hospitality.  

Salad and veggie tray; a.k.a. The Greens. 

Chili; this recipe was a huge hit with everyone.

Chips & dip; a.k.a. Chip it

Donut holes; a.k.a. Bucket of balls 


Azalea Cocktail; An official drink of the Masters and another great recipe from Intentional Hospitality

Spiked Arnold Palmer; Lemonade, iced tea & vodka 


I tried to stick to the yellow, green, and white color scheme. 

White lanterns; with logos I created with our last name to look like golf balls

Flowers; yellow tulips & pink azaleas

Banner; I created this banner, but there are similar one’s on Etsy. 

Golf ball centerpiece; easy & inexpensive

Name tags & signs; Again, I created these based off one’s I found on Etsy. 


Chipping mat; Gavistory from Amazon 

Putting mat; Perfect Practice putting mat 

Green jacket + patch; The jacket was from Amazon and the patch was from Etsy

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