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Welcome to the loudest stadium in the NFL! In 1976, the Seattle Seahawks played their first game at the Kingdome (which was also home to the Seattle Mariners.) It wasn’t until 2002 that the team played their first game at what is now known as Lumen Field. Since then, Seahawks fans have made quite a name for themselves, making a game at “the CLink” a must do event in the Pacific Northwest.

Here is what you should know before you go.

Best place to take a selfie- There are two areas with super selfie-worthy places in the stadium. First is the north and/or south of the field. Specifically, the Hawk’s Nest, Toyota Fan Deck and the corners of the Upper Level. Take a photo overlooking the field. With the right angle, you should be able to not only see the entire field, but also the cool architecture of the overhang “roof” and the Hawks Vision video boards. 

12s Take Flight

Also, find the #12sTakeFlight mural. Located on the Upper Level, near the Toyota Fan Deck & elevator is where you can earn wings of your own. This is definitely the stadium’s most Instagrammable spot.

Food at the stadium- During a cold Seattle day, something warm is just what you need! The best finds at the stadium are Beecher’s Mac & Cheese and dumplings from Din Tai Fung. While both are not unique to the Lumen Field, these local favorites cannot be found at any other stadiums outside of Seattle. You can find Beecher’s in sections 305 and 335. Din Tai Fung is also located on the third level at section 332 (or 208 and 236 if you are sitting in the club level.)

Another spot to scout out is the PNW Grill. They rotate a local menu created by local chefs. Find them at section 115.

Getting to the field– Parking in the Lumen Garage could cost you a pretty penny. Or, you may come across a situation where the parking garage is reserved for fans with prepaid parking passes. Luckily, there are several lots within walking distance, where prices will run a bit lower. However, the best value is getting to the area early and finding street parking. Most street parking will be free after 6 PM on weeknights (for Monday and Thursday nigh games) and free on Sundays. 

If you are visiting and staying downtown, I would recommend taking the light rail to the game. Both the Chinatown stop and Stadium stop are within walking distance to the field and will cost ~$5 round trip.

Live in a neighboring city? Take the Sounder train. The train spans from Lakewood to Everett and runs every Sunday afternoon when there is a home game. Your stop will be King Street Station, which is also within walking distance to the north side of the field.

First timers- Stop by a GuestLink location at any of the following places for a first time certificate. 

  • SW Field Plaza
  • North Plaza
  • NE Main (Section 10)
  • South Main (Section 127)
  • Club Level (outside of Verizon Lounge)
  • Upper (Section 318)

Best place to sit- Let’s be real. Football tickets are expensive. So, while it’s fairly obvious that the best seats are on the 50 yard line, it might not be an option financially. 

My best advice is sitting higher, (personally, I think you can see more of the field) checking resale sites, and looking at areas like the end-zones which are not covered from the elements. 

The mascot- Blitz is a busy bird. During the game, he will more than likely be on the field. However, I recommend following him and the Seahawks on social media. The reason being that he sometimes has designated photo opportunities before the game. 

Also keep your eye out for Blitz’s friend Boom. Since joining the team in 2014, he flies about the field & concourse area too. 

You should know- Seahawks fans are known as the 12’s. The name came about because the fans are so loud that sometimes opposing teams can’t focus or hear the play called. They can cause so much trouble that it’s almost like the Seahawks have 12 people on the field. 

However, the term 12th man is trademarked by Texas A&M and deemed unusable by anyone else. So, the home of the 12’s was born. This is why a local celebrity, athlete, or Seahawks alumni will raise the 12 flag during each pre-game ceremony. Similar to a first pitch in baseball, it gets the fans excited and, of course, loud!

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

Stadium Snapshot

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