Citi Field

Home of the New York Mets

Citi Field is home to the New York Mets. The field opened in 2009, just a year after the original Mets stadium, Shea Stadium, closed. Outside of home plate, you can see Shea still standing in the distance. Since Citi Field and Yankee Stadium are among the newest ballparks, their design and ease of navigating is wonderful. If you are visiting Queens, here is my know before you go guide to the stadium.

Best place to take a selfie– The stadium is very New York-esque, meaning there are a lot of places where you could snap a photo. However, my personal favorite is outside the stadium. When the Mets hit a home run, a big apple (get it?) rises from behind center field.When the team built a new field the apple inside the stadium got an upgrade. However, that didn’t mean that the original one had to go to waste. It now sits in the parking lot behind home plate, where you can get a great picture with both the apple and the stadium.


Food at the Stadium- Any time I can drop in a shameless plug for my love aka Shake Shack, I will. But, they are not the true victors here. Two unique food choices I found were the arancini balls from Arancini Bros. and edible cookie dough in a cone from DŌ. Arancini Bros., located at Section 103 on the Field and Promenade Levels, offer several flavors of Italian rice balls (aka arancini). I tried the ragu, buffalo, and (their famous) Nutella, and thoroughly enjoyed each one!

DŌ, located at Section 105 on the Field Level, doesn’t really need much of an explanation. Basically, if you love cookie dough, then this is a must. Just like an ice cream stand, they scoop your choice of cookie dough and toppings into a cup or a colorful cone. But, don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach! This stuff is rich. I could barely finish a single scoop…and I love sweets!

Getting to the Field- 
Because of the stadium’s proximity to Manhattan, there are a lot of different transportation options. Since the field is actually in Queens, parking is pretty abundant. However, for an out-of-towner, like myself, subway was the easiest. I took the 7 with quickness and ease from downtown Manhattan to Mets/ Willets Point.

First Timers- Visit Fan Assistance next to the Shea Bridge and section 142 to have a certificate printed or mailed to your home.


Best Place to Sit- For the price, view, and entertainment value, I would recommend the Coca-Cola Deck. These seats are located in right field down the first baseline. These seats are not only a great overall view of the field and the center field apple (see best place for selfies), but are also a great place for pictures itself, and families who want to take part in the deck’s yard games.


Best Place to Find the Mascot-Unfortunately, I was not able to find Mr. Met myself. However, a worker told me that he roams around the promenade level between the 4th and 5th innings.

Mr. Met
Picture via Twitter 

You should know– The Mets have a fan club known as The 7 Line Army. The name comes from a clothing brand called The 7 Line, which is named after the 7 train (see getting to the field.) Apparently, tickets for the army are now offered as a season ticket package. The rowdy fans, who sit in the outfield at home, are also known to only travel well.

Image result for the 7 line army
Picture via FanSided

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

Stadium Snapshot

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