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When it comes to hockey, there may be no other place where I would want to watch a game other than at TD Garden. We know that Boston is a proud and powerful sports city, and the garden is a whole new playing field (well, literally). While some hockey arenas tend to lack the pizzazz that baseball stadiums boast, TD Garden makes up for it in history and iconic-ness. Here is what you need to know before going to a Bruins game.

Best place to take a selfie- This is something you’ll want to do before you get into the arena. Located just outside the front doors on Causeway street is “The Goal” statue, which commemorates Bobby Orr’s famous Stanley Cup winning goal in 1970. Behind him sits TD Garden and the Zakim Bridge, making this a quintessential Boston photo.

Food at the arena- TD Garden will have all of your basics; hot dogs, burgers, and beer. But, how about taking something else out for a test drive, like a jalapeno Cheetos waffle chicken sandwich or Cheetos Crusted Fried Mac ’n Cheese. Both can be found at the Frito Lay Test Kitchen (located on Level 4, Section 15).

Or, another fan favorite is Lucky’s Chicken (located on Level 4 & 7). There’s nothing quite like nicely seasoned chicken strips & fries basket.

They also offer an array of different gluten free and healthy options.

Getting to the arena- TD Garden is located on top of a train station. So, while you can drive, I would recommend the ease of a commuter train or the subway (also known as the T). Commuter Rail trains come in from Lowell, Fitchburg, Haverhill, and Newburyport/ Rockport.

Depending on where you are coming from, you will want to take the orange or green line to North Station on the subway. As of May 2019, a round-trip trip is just under $5 a person.

If you do want to drive, there is a parking garage also underneath the arena. You can reserve a spot here.

Best place to sit- Is there a bad seat in a hockey arena? I have yet to find one. But, if you want to make sure you see all of the action, I would recommend sitting in a higher row of the Loge level, on center ice.

There has also been talk that the “real fans” sit in the balcony level. I sat up there for my first game, and the fans did not disappoint. Plus, I could see the whole rink.

If you’d like a better idea of what your view might look like, check this virtual seat finder.

Best place to find the mascot- Blades is a busy bear, and in an all concrete arena with many levels, he can be hard to find. Look for him either while walking the concourse, or in the stands just after he pops up on the jumbo-tron.


Best place to pre-game- Halftime Pizza is a Causeway St. staple. Located on the same street as TD Garden, this family owned pizza joint is known for their pizza, large beers, and tradition. It might not be the fanciest pizza you’ve ever had, but it is the perfect place to hang out with locals and hockey fans before the game.

You should know- Located on Level 5 & 6 of TD Garden is a non-profit called The Sports Museum. This half-mile long museum is here to keep the legacy and rich history of Boston sports alive. Here, you can see memorabilia from all of Boston’s best sports teams and then some. Because these two levels are in the premium seats, you may want to book a tour for before a game.

Photo: Yelp

Bonus- Every game, they put fans photos on the jumbo-tron. Having worked there, it never ceased to amaze me how many people “broke” one the following “rules” and still expected to see their face up on the screen. These are telltale signs you will not see your photo up there.

-Don’t @ people in your caption (privacy reasons).

-Don’t make lewd or inappropriate gestures in your picture.

-Don’t write any variation of “put me on the big screen.”

-Don’t hold alcohol, if you look young.

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