Seattle Seawolves; 10 Things to Know Before Going to a Game

Last weekend, I went to my first rugby match, and it did not disappoint. Lucky for me, I got to pick the brains of a few players, employees, and fellow photographers, so I wasn’t completely left in the dark about the game. Here are 10 takeaways I thought were important to understand. Read this and then definitely go check out the Seattle Seawolves!


It’s a bit different than “Aussie Rules.”

According to one of the players, this style of rugby might look a little different if you are used to Australian rugby. Apparently, the Australian game involves a lot more kicking- hence why Seahawks’ Punter Michael Dickson can do so much with the football.


Elysian Brewing Co. created a beer for them.

New this year, there is an Elysian beer that is specifically made for the Seawolves. The Scrum Stout will be on tap at all home games, Elysian Brewing Co., and scattered about throughout Seattle.

This is their second year.

In 2018, their inaugural year, the team won the championship! Before there was a professional MLR team, there was and still is the club team, the Seattle Saracens.

The league is expanding.

At the moment there are 9 teams in the league. They are expecting to welcome at least two more east coast teams next year.


It’s not like football.

Yes, there are certain techniques that look the same. But, when it comes to the rules of the game, the two sports aren’t similar (in my opinion.) For example, in football the ball must be a forward pass, but in rugby the ball must be thrown backwards. A forward pass will result in an automatic turnover. Another example is rugby tackles must be made by wrapping your arms around the player. Whereas in football, you might see someone just using their shoulders, hands, head, etc.

The game is fast and fun.

A player compared the one-and-half-hour game to soccer in the sense that there is always something to watch and/or pay attention too. The teams are constantly moving up and down the field. It was also explained to me that this style of rugby is faster than what you might see in the UK, where it is a more technical game. This style of rugby changes minute to minute.

Their team is ever-changing.

Before each game the Seawolves will select a team of 25 men for their roster. However, this could change between each game. Like baseball and hockey, the Seawolves have a local team- Seattle Saracens- where players who aren’t on the 25 man roster can play to stay loose and practice. According to one of the players, this club team is where most of the players will start.


The fans are electric.

But, as Seattleites we already knew that. There are rumors that opposing players have said that they want to play for the Seawolves because of how amped up the crowd can get. Maybe we can also be known for the loudest rugby stadium too?


Their #1 fan is Rucky.

Named after a ruck- which is something I still don’t quite understand- Rucky can be found roaming about the stands and getting his fellow fans pumped up.

Their seasons are long.

Luckily, they can watch their favorite MLR team from January until June. Regardless of what time of year you choose to watch, the game is truly upbeat and fun. Support Seattle’s newest professional team, and check them out at Starfire Sports Stadium!

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