T-Mobile Park

Home of the Seattle Mariners

Edited: 2020

If Seattle is most known for their rain, then it makes sense that T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco Field) is known for their roof. It all started with the Kingdom, which was torn down in 2000. Now, T-Mobile sits just off the Puget Sound with a retractable roof to hide guests away from those gray Pacific Northwest Days, or expose them to the beautiful summer days. 

Here’s what you should know before visiting the Mariners.

Best place to take a selfie- As mentioned, the field sits just off the water with a gorgeous view of the sound and the Cascade Mountains. For a great shot of the field or the surrounding city (Space Needle included), make your way up to Lookout Landing on the third base side.

Note: This is an event space, so the area might be in use. However, you will still be able to get that money shot from the side.

In addition, the view level is home to the external “T-Mobile” sign, just behind home plate. Take a selfie, and then enjoy your must eats (see below) at one of the picnic tables.

Food at the Stadium- My best piece of advice when visiting the field- go hungry! While the field covers the basics like chicken strips, pizza and hot dogs, that is not why they are known for their food. When walking into the park, one of the pungent smells to grace your nostrils will be garlic fries. A little garlic or a lot of garlic, no matter how you like it, these fries can’t be topped.

For a main course? Spice it up at Edgar’s Cantina, where you can enjoy menu items like tacos, nachos, or…grasshoppers. Yes, that’s right. They are also known as Oaxacan chapulines. But no worries, they are gluten-free! Not that adventurous? Then relish in any one of Chef Ethan Stowell’s concoctions like the “buttermilk-marinated fried chicken” at Dynamite Chicken.

Rounding third and ready to take it home? Try Frozen Rope Sandwich Company. Think- your favorite flavor of ice cream, smushed between two delicious cookies and finished off with toppings like Fruity Pebbles, mini M&M’s and sprinkles. Or , for those folks over the age of 21, I recommend a Prosecco Float from Shug’s Soda Fountain.

Getting to the Field- During my time at Safeco, I noticed that on some occasions several of the parking lots further away from the field were more expensive. If you are driving in and are looking for a close place to park, I would first try the Safeco garage. When getting to the field early, Occidental street and 3rd street might also offer free parking spaces that are within walking distance to the stadium.

First Timers- Pick up your first timer certificate at Guest Services located on the main concourse at section 134, or on the view level.

Best Place to Sit- 

  • For a  value ticket, buy a view level seat and stand in the ‘Pen. This is not recommended for families, as this is a beer garden.
  • For an escape from Mother Nature and (my favorite) view of the field, splurge for tickets in the club level. This level also offers different food options which cannot be found anywhere in the park.
  • For a place to relax with space to move, look into the Hit it Here Cafe. Set up like an actual restaurant, this is an excellent place to be removed from the chaos of the stadium, without being completely removed from the game.

Best Place to Find the Mascot- Is there a moose on the loose? Sort of! Moose can be typically found on the field during pre-game. During the game, there is frequently a Moose sighting in the Moose Den. The den is located in center field just to the right of the kids play area.

You should know– The Mariners pay tribute to the Late Dave Neihaus with his very own statute in the outfield. The beloved sportscaster for the Mariners is alive in spirit with this statue that will make you say, “my oh my.”

Did I miss something? Let me know & comment below!

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