Miss Spokane Monday: The change

Purple Ribbon Gala April 6

What a wonderful evening I had tonight. The Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization and I attended the Purple Ribbon Gala for W.H.E, or Women’s Healing and Empowerment Network. The court and I’s task for the evening was to greet the attendees as they came in and show them to their seats. Once everyone had been seated, the night began with a welcome from W.H.E’s Executive Director, Mable Dunbar. Following, dinner was served and we were able to listen to some incredible speakers, who had gone through the W.H.E. program. Overall, I learned so much about domestic violence and who to contact if their is ever an issue. The women that spoke this evening were so strong and so inspiring and they made the change with W.H.E Netowrk!


Stuff the bus April 19

I am stuffing the bus with diapers, for families that cannot provide them themselves. This morning I was fortunate to help with an event Called Stuff the Bus, put on by Inland Northwest Baby. Because I was one of the first people to arrive, I was the first to drop off diapers and from there on out it was all smooth sailing!


The court, volunteers from Inland NW Baby, members of 99.9 Coyote Country and I all took our places on the sidewalk near Walgreens on Division and asked for change from the people who drove by. Volunteers also stood at the door of Walgreens accepted diaper donations from shoppers as they exited. Some radio listeners, who heard about the diaper drive dropped off diapers to stuff the bus with as well. I was there for a several hours and we received boxes of diapers and  over $600 in change!


Penny Drive April 26

The Penny Drive was again about literal change. However, today’s change drive was raising money for Spokane Guilds’ School. For those who don’t know the Spokane Guilds’ School is an organization who work with children with disabilities, ages birth to three-year-old. This event was a similar format to that of Stuff the Bus, except this time I wanted to make sure I was covering all my angles, so I stood in the middle of a median and collected change. I was quite successful out there. My bucket almost broke a few times because it was getting so heavy.


What will she do next?

This weekend all of the Miss Washington contestants meet in Seattle for what we call Spring Forum. Here, I will get to know the contestants better, receive my contestant number and find out who my Miss WA roommate is! I am so excited.

Until next time,


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