Business fraternities connect students to networking, etiquette opportunities

EWU students dressed in slacks and blazers and put on their best manners as they learned how to properly handle themselves while attending a business lunch.

Eastern students had the opportunity to learn this and so much more during an etiquette luncheon on April 18. EWU’s co-ed business fraternities Alpha Kappa Psi and Beta Alpha, in partnership with career services, presented the luncheon in PUB 263.

The event began with a networking session, where students were able to small talk with other students and business professionals from entities like Washington Trust Bank and Kalispel Tribes.

According to EWU junior and Alpha Kappa Psi member Rebecca Madrishin, the idea was not only to learn about etiquette but also for students to network.

“We have business professionals coming, so we’re going to try and spread them out at each table so the students can mix and mingle,” Madrishin said.

Following the networking event, attendees were asked to take their seats, where they found a pamphlet with dining tips like how to set the table, body position while at the table and how to serve and pass food. Students were encouraged to follow them during their meal.

Some of these tips included not leaning over the table to reach your food, not laying elbows on the table, using both hands when wiping the mouth with a napkin and using both a spoon and fork to twirl long pasta.

The first course of a green vegetable and meat soup, also known as Wedding soup, and crackers was served, while career services director Virginia Hinch welcomed the audience. EWU students Susana Wang and Titus Mertens then introduced the keynote speaker, Eldonna Shaw.

Shaw is president and CEO of Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. She spoke about what to do while hosting a business lunch.

“Make sure you feel confident and comfortable. Look at yourself in the mirror before you leave and make sure you feel good,” said Shaw.


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