Miss Spokane Monday: The Glitz

Within the last week, I had my first photo shoot and first official appearance as Miss Spokane.

On Saturday morning, Elaina ( Miss Spokane’s Outstanding Teen)  and I showed up to the place where we had been crowned just two weeks prior for the our photo shoot.

Thanks to Rocky Castaneda, James and Kathy Mangis and the Bing Crosby Theatre, some beautiful photos were captured. I can’t wait to see them and share them with you all.

Elaina and I were photographed in our evening gowns, interview outfits, cocktail dresses and a fun outfit, which was probably my favorite to shoot.

Image 1

(Sneak peek of Saturday’s shoot.)

Saturday evening, Elaina and I helped with the first ever Crush Hunger event ran by Northwest Harvest. The night consisted of wine and food tasting.

The wine was donated by Vino! in Spokane. There were several food trucks serving sample sized food, that were all so unique. My favorites were the fried risotto, stromboli and bacon cheeseburger slider with..get this..peanut butter. It was very interesting to say the least.

While Elaina and her sister were serving food to the guests, I had the opportunity to serve wine. Now, the set up of the event was quite unique. There were seven tables, which had 5-6 different types of wine. However, each table represented where the wine was made. There were 2 tables of Northwest wine, 1 table of wines made in Walla Walla, 1 table serving international wine and three Californian wine tables.

Going into the event, I knew nothing about wine, other than the fact that there was red and white wines. At the conclusion of the event, I had learned things about wine I would never even guessed.

My favorite part of the night was being able to interact with the guests and tell them more about my title and the Miss America Organization. It is always so fun to see people’s reaction when they learn how much scholarship money the program distributes.

Needless to say, I think my first appearance was a huge success and I can’t wait to see what this next week will bring.


( One of the California wine tables, where I served.)

God bless,


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