Why; living a life of being intentional 

One of the many reasons why I love working for WE is because they constantly make me think. During orientation our leaders asked what our WHY was. Why were we there? Why did we want to be there?

Based off Simon Sinek’s TED talk, the orientation leaders explained that most often we know how something works and we know what the function is, but we tend not to stop and ask why it does what it does.

This morning, I was fortunate to attend a women’s breakfast in which several women spoke about being intentional. Those two little words, be intentional, are the same two that shook me to life about 10 years ago when I went to my first leadership camp, and ultimately were what led me to my why.

And while it has been molded, changed, and has grown over the years, my WHY has always been rooted in this…

I want to impact lives, change perspectives, and live with purpose and positivity.  

I seek to write a blog that focuses on both kindness and culture, so others may open their hearts and eyes to the possibility of seeing more than what is right in front of them.

Have you ever noticed when we first meet people we always ask, “What do you do for a living?” Well, I could waste all day telling you about how I am a manager for a non-profit, and this is how our organization works. But, I promise that if we had the conversations with people about WHY we are in the positions we are in, we would learn so much more about one another.

For some of you, your why may be a quick response. For others, you may not have an answer. That answer may in fact be, why…am I wasting my time going through these motions.

Take the time to reflect on this. Be intentional. And let me know, what is your why?

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